The company has a staff consisting of highly skilled professionals providing services for the installation of automation devices in accordance with the developed technical and design documentation provided by the customer or detailed documentation developed by our professionals on the basis of target specification issued by the customer.


We ensure quality installation safe for maintenance staff. Final system testing is followed by pre-commissioning and subsequent commissioning.


The company has a staff of highly qualified specialists who provide services for installation supervision of automation devices in accordance with the developed technical and design documentation provided by the Client, or according to the design documentation developed by our specialists on the basis of the technical requirements issued by the Client.

Commissioning is the final stage of mounting work.

This is the stage when the system is commissioning in to the operation.

Commissioning work on the installed equipment is carried out by specialists efficiently and quickly together with the  training of the Client’s operating personnel.

The specialists of our company are always ready to offer the  services for technical support and maintenance  of existing systems.

Maintenance service is provided both by phone (24/7) and by specialist on-site visit according to the schedule approved by the Client.






Our company’s specialists are successfully developing innovative signaling systems and train control systems using modern approaches to development and implementation.

One of the important stages of the systems life-cycle is the development of technical specifications, specifications for serial production, certification tests.

At this stage, specialists are developing all the technical requirements for a specific market/implementation object, developing safety documents, reliability calculations, and test procedures.

The system is maintained at the test stages.

The result of these services are documents approved by the Client for comercial production, certificates of compliance with local and/or European standards.

Our company provides a full range of services for the development of documentation at all stages of design and types of construction in  the railway transport area.

Types of services offered in the design:

  • Site survey and Predesign 
  • Calculation of adjustment tables for audio-frequency track circuits
  • Design of interlocking
  • Design of hump-yard automated systems
  • Design  of radio and telecom
  • Design of railway tracks
  • Updating and compiling new technical passports of railway tracks
  • Development of technological documentation
  • Technical requirements development


AutoCad, MS Visio, MicroStation, Compas,
MS Project, Primavera.



The company has highly qualified specialists in computer technology, software development and testing in the field of industrial control systems and modern signaling and safety systems.

Our experts are ready to provide services for software development, as well as all types of testing:

  • Functional testing
  • System testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Unit testing
  • Security testing
  • Localization testing
  • Usability testing




C/C++, Linux, Assembler, APL, BASIC, Delphi, Java,

JavaScript (JS), MATLAB, Pascal, PL/SQL, 
Python, LD, FBD, ST, SFC, IL.